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Hamburg, NY is a vibrant, safe community located just south of Buffalo. It is most notably the home of the Erie County Fair among countless other historical attractions and enjoyable events. Locals enjoy spending time with neighbors and friends on Main St. and Buffalo St., which are home to many well-known local restaurants and bars. They also enjoy spending the summer months at Hamburg Beach, on the Eighteen-Mile Creek or at one of the many area parks and outdoor spaces available for public use.

When those in the community need more power to keep the area running, they know they can turn to a trusted operation like Ferry Hydraulics Inc. Ferry Hydraulics Inc offers the most reliable hydraulic supplies and fittings, custom hydraulic hoses and more for the contractors, maintenance providers and highway departments that keep Hamburg in great shape all year long.

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From cap and plug kits to O-ring kits and tube kits, Ferry Hydraulics Inc is the company Hamburg businesses and operations can count on for reliable, prompt services and hydraulic supplies. We understand that the demands of our customers are often important and vital to the work they do, and we won’t ever take our role lightly. Contact us today to get started!