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West Seneca is a small suburban community located to the southwest of Buffalo. Like many towns in the area, West Seneca has an industrial background. After the Buffalo Creek Reservation was dissolved in the mid-1800s, the town of Seneca was formed; the area was renamed West Seneca to avoid confusion with the town of Seneca in Ontario County.

This region was known locally as a center of steel manufacture; in the late 19th century, all the land along the West Seneca shore of Lake Erie was purchased by the Lackawanna Steel Company, which then relocated to WNY from Scranton, PA in order to begin operations here. The plant was later purchased by the Bethlehem Steel Company, one of the largest in the world; at its peak the plant employed over 20,000 people and was one of the largest employers in Western New York.

Although the region containing the steel mill voted to separate from West Seneca and become the City of Lackawanna, many residents of West Seneca were employed in the steel manufacture trade up until the plant’s closing in 1983.

Hydraulic Repairs, Replacement Parts, & More for West Seneca, NY

Today, West Seneca is a family-focused suburban community. Many of our local activities are focused around family fun and cultural attractions. Many members of our community have ties to the steel manufacture industry; today, Ferry Hydraulics Inc helps the remaining local steel and industrial manufacture companies by providing the parts they need to ensure their projects run efficiently. If you need hose fittings, cap & plug kits, O-ring kits, or tube kits, we can help. We also offer hydraulic repair and maintenance services in order to keep your equipment running as it should.

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