Hydraulic Fittings & Hydraulic Repair Services for Niagara Falls, NY

When most people hear the words “Niagara Falls,” they immediately think of the Natural Wonder of the World. But thanks to its location on the Niagara River, the city of Niagara Falls, NY has also been associated with the power industry for nearly as long as there has been a power industry. The very first company to generate electricity on the American side of the river was founded in 1882, and Robert Moses built a hydroelectric power plant in nearby Lewiston, NY during the 1950s.

Just like people count on power plants are supply electricity to their homes and workplaces, you can count on Ferry Hydraulics when it comes to all the hydraulic supplies you need. We have a great selection of hose fittings and can perform hydraulic repairs as well.

Wide Variety of Cap & Plug Kits in Niagara Falls, NY

At Ferry Hydraulics Inc, we carry a wide variety of cap & plug kits in the Niagara Falls, NY area. Cap & plug kits are one of the most essential tools when transporting hydraulic hoses. They keep dirt, grime, and other unwanted substances from entering your hose. In addition to offering a wide selection of cap & plug kits, our friendly representatives will be happy to help you find the exact product that suits your needs. Our team is exceptionally well-versed in our product lines, which has resulted in us being one of the most trusted sources for cap & plug kits in the Niagara Falls, NY area. Additionally, we sell our pieces individually, just in case you may have misplaced a piece in your set. For more information regarding our cap & plug kits, give us a call today! We look forward to speaking with you regarding your needs.

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When it comes to hydraulic supplies and fittings in the Buffalo-Niagara Region, there’s no one with a better selection than Ferry Hydraulics. We have cap and plug kits, O-ring kits, and tube kits available. We also have storage boxes for better organization.

Should you ever need hydraulic repairs, you can count on Ferry Hydraulics to handle them too! We want to be the only place you turn to when it comes to anything to do with hydraulic fittings or supplies.

Whether you need parts or repairs, call Ferry Hydraulics to get started with a free quote today!