Trusted Hydraulic Repair Services in Buffalo, NY

The city of Buffalo, NY is known worldwide for its snowy winters, chicken wings, and professional sports teams. But Buffalo is so much more than the clichés used to describe this historic city on the shores of Lake Erie. Buffalo is also home to unique architecture, world-class museums, and a growing medical industry. You can also find a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed estate, a system of parks created by Frederick Law Olmsted, and the origin of the Erie Canal.

Buffalo was once a thriving economic center driven by grain milling and steel production. The city saw economic decline related to deindustrialization but has seen an economic rebirth in the 21st Century with advances in the city’s manufacturing and healthcare industries.

Cap & Plug Kits for Buffalo Customers

Cap & plug kits help keep dirt, grime, and debris from getting into hydraulic hoses, making them invaluable tools during transport. They protect the extremely delicate threading inside the hose from damage. Ferry Hydraulics Inc offers professional-grade kits to hydraulic companies throughout the greater Buffalo area; we carry a range of products to fit different sizes and brands. No matter what type of thread you are trying to fit, we are sure to carry the correct product for the job. Each kit comes with labeled compartments to keep you organized; you can also take advantage of our team's extensive experience and knowledge at any point. Feel free to reach out with any questions about our cap & plug kits!

Benefits of Cap & Plug Kits

Cap & plug kits are extremely valuable for equipment with hydraulic hoses. They keep out dirt and grime that could damage the hoses. Dirt and grime in hoses can lead to internal damage to the hydraulic pump itself. That is why you need to take every precautionary step you can to prevent that from occuring. Cap & plug kits are made just for that reason. Therefore, they also help prolong the life of your hydraulic pump through the protection against harmful contaminants.

Promoting Industrial Growth in the Buffalo & Western New York Area

Ferry Hydraulics Inc has been at the forefront of industrial development in Buffalo, NY. We assist the many technology and manufacturing businesses in the city by providing the hydraulic supplies these companies count on. We specialize in products like cap & plug kits, O-ring kits, tube kits, and hose couplings. We also provide helpful hydraulic repair to keep production humming at your place of business.

For professional hydraulic services you can trust, call Ferry Hydraulics Inc. We provide the help Buffalo, NY businesses need to succeed. Trust our expert services.