What is a Cap & Plug Kit?

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March 1, 2019

Cap and Plug Kits Explained

When it comes to hydraulic equipment, there are various valves that are used for different reasons. These are necessary for many reasons such as relieving pressure, replacing hydraulic fluid, and more. However, these valves present an opportunity for foreign substances such as dirt, dust, and water to get into the hydraulic system. These things can then cause damage to hydraulic lines, over-pressurize the lines, and get into other components of the equipment. Therefore, you want to avoid these harmful things from getting into the system as much as possible.

Cap & plug kits are a set of caps & plugs that are used to cover and protect the valves of a hydraulic system. It is common for old caps & plugs to get lost, rusted, or damaged in some way. It happens all the time. When these things happen, they need to be replaced quickly to protect your hydraulic system from contamination. If you have the necessary cap & plug kit, this will be a quick and easy fix.

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At Ferry Hydraulics, we provide high-quality cap & plug kits to the Lancaster, NY area. Caps & plugs are necessary to keep contaminants out of the hydraulic system and help keep the hydraulic system from contaminating the local environment. Unfortunately, there are many things that can happen, such as getting lost, getting rusted, or getting damaged. There are various sizes, and you may not know which you will need. Our plug & cap kits will help you be ready when you need them and keep your hydraulic system protected. Contact us today to learn more!

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